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People's Choice BASSINTHEGRASS Music Festival, Darwin - 18 May 2019

People’s Choice BASSINTHEGRASS is Darwin’s largest music event, featuring some of Australia's best talent and attracting more than 6,000 spectators each year.

People’s Choice BASSINTHEGRASS is held in each year in May. On Saturday, 18 May 2019 this iconic musical festival will be held at a brand new beachside location at Mindil Beach, Darwin. 

Festival goers will be lucky enough to soak up 12 hours of non-stop entertainment on multiple stages. This years lineup has been announced! See the full line up here. The concert is a hub for Territorians of all ages, ranging from teenagers to those 35 years and beyond.

Details: Mindil Beach, Darwin, Saturday 18 May 2019, 11am

Tickets to the 2019 BASSINTHEGRASS are SOLD OUT.

People's Choice BASSINTHEGRASS Starter Pack

Mindil Beach is about to be turned into the biggest party in the NT but when you’re this keen it’s easy to forget a few of the essentials.

That’s why we’ve put together these 9 tips to help you get the most out of your 2019 People’s Choice BASSINTHEGRASS:

1. Rule number one, bring your ID.

Although BASSINTHEGRASS is an all-ages event, you’ll still need your ID to determine which wristband you’re given, giving you different permissions within the festival.

bassinthegrass-Darwin events

2. Hydration and sun-smarts are key

We know it gets steamy in the NT, especially when you’re partying to the world-class acts coming your way. It’s super important to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. Don’t worry though, you’re covered with a voucher for free waters and sunscreen available throughout the festival.

3. Not feeling 100? Know where to go

Once you’re in, locate any first aid spots or staffin case you or a mate isn’t feeling the best. The staff, security and event champions are an experienced crew, all trained in first aid. Event champions will also be easily accessible no matter the problem – you can even save their number in your own phone (0474 190 534).

4. No cash, no problems

Although ATMs will be available within BASS, moshing can get a bit cray and we’re sure you don’t want your money flying about. Who wants to be dealing with spare change all day anyway? Load your People’s Choice Visa Debit Card onto your phone’s mobile wallet to tap-and-pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay at available EFTPOS facilities.

5. Keep your white-on-white Yeezys at home

Wear shoes you don’t mind destroying because let’s face it, between dancing through the grass and others in your space, there’s a good chance they’ll get wrecked.

6. Go your own way

Look out for the lime green and you won’t be able to miss the People’s Choice Silent Disco. You and your mates can get lost in your own world and provide another form of entertainment to others who’ll watch you dance to what seems like nothing at all!

Music Festivals Australia

7. Go a little extra

We’re talking glitter, bright colours and if you’re really adventurous a group dress up because it’s more fun together – you know, the usual festival antics.

8. Build your own BASS

Make sure you don’t miss a beat and curate a personal set list. There are two huge stages at BASS so this way, you’ll know exactly where to be and when. Or you can just cram everything in like a good exam study sesh and party until your heart’s content.

Darwin festival 2019

9. Go large

We’re going big with massive People’s Choice beach balls surfing the crowd, just to add a little more hype to an already-massive day.

We hope you go just as large!

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