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Another one of our proud CSR partners for the community.

Did you know, in Australia, eight babies are born with a heart condition each day with congenital heart disease being the most common birth abnormality? 

Young girl in purple tutu with red heart balloon

HeartKids is dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with childhood heart disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease.

Since 2012, People’s Choice has generated more than $325,000 through donations, in-kind support and fundraising to CSR Partner HeartKids in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria through initiatives such as the People’s Choice Community Lottery, Sweetheart Day and Super Boss Day.

People's Choice staff dressed up as superheros

We will once again in 2019 be supporting HeartKids at our annual Super Boss Day!

In 2019, three (3) of our Executive Team will transform into superheros alongside sixteen (16) Managers from our Senior Leadership group.

People’s Choice is again supporting our CSR Partner, Heartkids, for this year’s Super Boss Day on Friday, 31 May 2019. We have participated in Super Boss Day since its inception, raising over $40,000.

The day is a lot of fun, we get to see our leaders dressed up, we have a few laughs, and we enjoy all things superhero. But the real superheros, are the children and families impacted by congenital heart disease who are supported by HeartKids; they are the reason behind why we participate in this day. Together we will be fighting the biggest baddie of all – Childhood Heart Disease.  HeartKids does vital work to support those who are impacted by childhood heart disease and relies heavily on donations, so every bit you can spare definitely helps.  The funds raised go towards a number of programs, including in-hospital support, family support (in and out of hospital), teen camps, family camps, education days, and peer support programs among other programs.

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This year Super Boss Day is being held on Friday, 31 May across the nation.

Don’t be surprised if you see the team from The Avengers or Gru from Despicable Me and his cute minions roaming Adelaide getting up to no good. Our Senior Leaders and Executive team will swap their business attire for tights, capes and masks to spend the day working as their favourite superhero character – all in the name of charity.


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