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In Australia, six babies will be born with heart disease every day, so we're here to help

People’s Choice is supporting children’s charity HeartKids SA/NT to expand its services into the Northern Territory to work directly with childhood heart disease patients and their families through the Royal Darwin Hospital.

In Australia, six babies will be born with heart disease every day. HeartKids is dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with childhood heart disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease.

People’s Choice has generated more than $300,000 through donations, in-kind support and fundraising to HeartKids in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria through initiatives such as the People’s Choice Community Lottery and Super Boss Day.

On Friday 15th June we will be supporting HeartKids again at Super Boss Day!

Don’t be surprised if you bump into Batman, He-Man, The gang from Toy Story or a bale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when 17 of our Senior Leaders will bravely swap their usual business clothing for tights, capes and mask to spend the day working as their favourite superhero characters in the name of charity!

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