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5 tips to life hack your savings

21 Dec2018

Money can be confusing and in the modern-day world where we tap-and-go, it can be hard to keep track of money coming in and out.

We’ve put together some money saving ‘hacks’ to help you try and keep a handle on your banking.

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1. Set reminders

Take the stress out of remembering when your bills are due by adding a reminder in your phone when you get them and set them to recur. Then next time you’re about to splash some cash on a big-ticket item you can check to see what you have coming up and if you can afford it.

2. Simplify your shout

Don’t be caught out shouting mates, set up your PayID and your friends can transfer money easily. Long gone are the days of having to remember your BSB and account number, just tell them your PayID (email or phone number) and their share will be transferred instantly via Osko.

Two females using PayID on their Mobile Banking App

3. Take stock of your recurring payments

Are you paying for a subscription to a streaming service you didn’t know still existed? Take a trawl through your transaction history and look for anything you can’t place and work back from there until you’re happy with your spending. Well apart from that $64 Maccas feast you splurged on last Saturday at 4am… With our Mobile Banking App, you can view all your scheduled and recurring transfers at once by tapping ‘Scheduled’ from the menu bar.

4. Take away the temptation

How often do you find yourself playing the fun game of add to cart, only to see that your payment information is there and ready to go? The only thing standing between you and your goodies is a simple click, and so you take the plunge and bam, you’ve lost your savings faster than you can say 25% off! To rid yourself of the temptation, delete your payment information from your favourite online shopping haunts forcing you to think before you buy!

Person handing over a loyalty reward card to shop assistant

5. Reward yourself

From fuelling your car to fuelling yourself at your local coffee shop, loyalty cards are everywhere and you should start collecting them. If wallet space is an issue you can save your cards in your phone via a loyalty card app. Keep an eye out at the places where you spend your money and make sure you’re taking advantage of their reward programs – it pays being loyal.



The information above is general advice only and does not take into consideration your personal objectives, financial situation or needs (“your personal circumstances”). Please consider the relevant Disclosure Documents and your personal circumstances before making any decision to purchase the products. Contact us on 13 11 82 with any questions, or visit your nearest branch to talk to a consultant.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Savings Accounts here.


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