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6 Cashless ways to pay

Here’s how to survive in a cashless society.

17 Dec2018

Gone are the days of scrambling through your bag to find coins to pay for lunch. There’s now more ways than ever to pay for things without even taking your wallet out of your back pocket. In fact, do you even need your wallet? Nowadays your driver’s license can be in a mobile banking app along with the hundreds of rewards cards you never use, the pics of your kids are now on Facebook and LinkedIn is the new business card. 

Here are 6 ways you can still live your best life without your wallet!

1. Pay with your smartphone or smartwatch

Setup Google Pay, Apple Pay or Android Pay on your smartphone or smartwatch and enjoy all the benefits of your People's Choice card. 

Pay with your smartphone

2. Get Appy

Continuing with the smartphone takeover, apps which have your payment details already stored make everything from ordering food to ordering a ride home easy as. Money never has to change hands, meaning you don’t have to worry about having enough cash on you or getting the right change back… Simple! Be sure to add our Mobile Banking App to your app collection!

3. PayID

Ever had to awkwardly chase your friends up to pay you back for movie tickets? Not anymore! You won’t mind shouting coffees when all you have to do is tell your friend your PayID (email or phone number) and voila, their share will be paid safely via Osko pretty much instantly!

PayID and Osko

4. Shop online

From groceries to designer goods, you can buy almost anything online. Major supermarkets provide a few options to help your weekly shop with both click and collect or home delivery. This means you can shop from the comfort of your couch and pay for it online. The simple process is great for helping your weekly food budget too! 

5. Delivered to your door

Meals delivered to your door now come in many forms. From ready to eat options to subscription food boxes which arrive with all the ingredients you need to prepare delicious meals. By signing up to one of these subscriptions an automatic direct debit is taken each week and all you have to do is pick your meals.

Delivered to your door

6. Hit subscribe

Subscriptions can cover more than just food; they can supply you with all the entertainment your ears and eyes can handle. Music streaming apps cover your thirst for music, whilst TV and movie streaming services ensure you never miss your favourite show. These subscription services mean that you don’t need to go out and splash cash to be entertained, instead you can stay home and have a movie marathon.



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