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Easter may hit your waist – but protect your wallet

Media release

28 Mar2018

The last Faberge Egg to reach the market sold for a record $21 million at Christie’s in London last November. While your own Easter celebrations may be more restrained, it can often prove to be a slippery slope from that first egg. People’s Choice spokesperson Stuart Symons provides four tips for protecting your wallet.

Make sure your Easter Egg Hunt lasts less than three hours

“We all love them, but everyone wins if there’s an egg limit. Your waistline will benefit in the following weeks, and it’s a pretty straight-forward rule: fewer eggs, less cost,” Mr Symons said.

You won’t be the only one celebrating, so plan ahead

Everyone loves the long weekend, but a little bit of planning can avoid the headaches, Mr Symons said.

“Some businesses close their doors over the Easter break, including some financial institutions. Of course, you’ll still have access to your funds using cards, ATMs, apps and online banking. But if you rely on transferring funds between different institutions, remember this can take several working days so may take longer to clear because of the long weekend. Think about what you need, now, or make alternative arrangements to ensure you’re prepared,” he said.

“If you’re having a social Easter, save on taxis by using public transport or carpooling with a nominated designated driver. Also remember that ride-sharing services may invoke surge-pricing tariffs on public holidays, so plan ahead to save your cash,” he said.

Follow the origin lesson – stick to the basics

“The Pagan and Christian roots of Easter involved surprisingly little merchandise,” Mr Symons said. “It’s a good lesson – enjoy the day, but perhaps avoid buying the soft toys, cakes, snow globes, Easter apps, personalised books and slippers that now appear every Easter. Your wallet will appreciate the restraint.”

Celebrate in style

“If you have a friend or relative with a birthday or other significant event around Easter, consider combining the occasions,” Mr Symons said. “You’ll spend less overall, have more time to do other things, and you never know – you may just create the next family tradition.”

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"Everyone loves the long weekend, but a little bit of planning can avoid the headaches,"

- People's Choice Spokesperson, Stuart Symons

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