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Five Adelaide suburbs worth considering for your next home

26 Nov2019

Looking at buying a home soon but unsure what suburbs have everything you’re looking for?

We've compiled a list of Adelaide suburbs that have seen significant improvements in liveability factors including median price, crime rates and accessibility over the past six months.


Young couple looking at property in the Adelaide suburbs


Five suburbs worth considering;

  1. Clapham
  2. Lower Mitcham
  3. Paradise
  4. Direk
  5. Hove

At the top of this list is Clapham which is only 8km south of the city. A quiet, well maintained and family friendly suburb, Clapham's location means easy access to all Adelaide has to offer – be it the city, foothills or the southern beaches. With all the necessary amenities at the nearby Mitcham Shopping centre, what more do you need?

This desirable suburb comes as no surprise to be one to watch. Lower Mitcham, sitting just above Clapham, is another leafy suburb with a friendly neighbourhood vibe. With access to reliable public transport, either train or bus, the 7km trip into the city is a simple one. 



Third on this list of fast movers is Paradise. Situated 11 km north-east of the city, its serviced by the O-Bahn making the commute into the CBD as short as 12 minutes. The large green spaces with playgrounds and public BBQ's within this suburb make it great for families and those wanting to enjoy nature right outside their front door. 

Direk, located in the far north of Adelaide, is a small suburb most people have never heard about. This suburb boasts a small, tight-knit community with a very low crime rate. 


Wattle Reserve, Holdfast Bay near Hove


Coming in at number five is Hove, a quiet and friendly beachside suburb that’s only a 10-minute walk away from bustling Jetty Road in Brighton and less than 10 minutes by car to Glenelg. Hove has a lot to offer, with a great family-friendly park, sporting clubs and access to public transport. 


Shortlisting your next suburb to consider doesn't need to be overwhelming.

Use our October 2019 housing report to find the most liveable suburbs in Adelaide. 

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The People’s Choice of Housing analyses and assesses data relating to Adelaide suburbs for their serviceability, affordability and liveability. Serviceability includes an assessment of whether a couple on ordinary incomes with average debt and expenditure levels would be likely to receive finance approval for a loan for a median-priced home in each suburb, based on standard industry assessment practices. Affordability looks to the amount left to a borrower after paying for mortgage payments. Liveability assesses a broad range of factors including crime rates relating to each suburb, public transport accessibility and driveability.

Suburbs without median house prices available for the report period are not available for assessment. The People’s Choice of Housing cannot provide individual advice as financial circumstances differ, but does provide an indication of which suburbs or towns may appeal to first homebuyers.

For more information relating to the People’s Choice of Housing, its methodology and interpretation, please email [email protected].


Learn more about the People's Choice of Housing - Explore Adelaide's best suburbs now! 

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