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Go on a holiday

Everything you need to know about planning and financing your dream holiday

Where in the world?

Your journey begins with the hours you spend
researching images of white sandy beaches
or snow-capped mountains.

Perhaps think about which part of the world
you are most culturally drawn to and which sites
you would like to see; then work backwards from
there and consider how much time off work
you’ll be able to take, how far away your
destination is and whether or not seasons
are an important factor.

Plan your holiday

Best laid plans

Best laid plans

Flights and accommodation

Begin by seeking out the best airfare and hotel deals into your destination city by using online comparison sites, asking your friends and reading travel forums. If you’re pressed for time or visiting a peculiar destination, you may like to consider using the expert help of a travel agent.

Choose your sights

Create a list of destinations, stopovers, sites and locations you’d like to visit, and how much time you would like to spend at each. This should give you a good idea of how long your stay will be, which route you’ll be taking and how you’ll be travelling internally. 

Make a budget to make it happen

Do your sums

Decide on how much money you will need for the overall holiday, including flights, accommodation, insurance and gear, and then add in the price of food, activities and spending money.

Think about how much savings you have, how much you will earn before you depart and then how much you would like to borrow.

Personal Loans start from as little as $2,000.

Personal Loan Calculators

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

  • Learn more about our Foreign Cash options.
  • Exchange some Australian dollars into foreign cash for when you land.
  • Consider using a Cash Passport Card to avoid overseas withdrawal fees and conversion rates.

Learn more

Insure your trip

Insure your trip

  • Remember to factor in the price of travel insurance just in case.
  • Insurance can cover unexpected medical expenses, and protect your belongings in case of loss, theft or damage.

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Take out a loan and take off







We offer a range of personal loans to help you take that dream holiday.

Discounted Personal Loan

  • No ongoing fees, and a low flexible discounted rate available for almost any purpose including travel
  • Loans from $10,000
  • Loan terms up to ten years1
  • Various security options available

Learn more

Personal Loan Unsecured

  • A flexible loan with no ongoing fees, which is  available for almost any purpose including travel
  • Loans from $2,000
  • Loan terms up to seven years
  • No security required

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Travel tips

Be a smart traveller

Register your travel plans with

They provide general health tips, travel advice bulletins and in an emergency the Australian Government will be able to contact you.

Seek permission

Check to see if you need a visa to visit your destination or any permits if you’re visiting national parks or heritage sites. 

Better safe than sorry

Make photocopies of your passport, travel itinerary, travel insurance policy and any other information that you might need to access in case of emergency on your trip and leave with a trusted friend or family member.

Need any vaccinations?

Check with Immunise Australia to see if you will require any vaccinations before you depart.

Vaccines covered by the National Immunisation Program (NIP) are provided free-of-charge to eligible people.


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1 Fixed for 5 years then reverts to a variable rate of 11.55% for remaining term.

Terms, conditions, fees, charges, lending criteria and exclusions apply and are available on application.

The information above is general advice only and does not take into consideration your personal objectives, financial situation or needs (“your personal circumstances”). Please consider the relevant Disclosure Documents and your personal circumstances before making any decision to purchase the products. Contact us on 13 11 82 with any questions, or visit your nearest branch to talk to a consultant.

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