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Renovate my home

Renovate with confidence, with finance options to suit you and your project

Ready to renovate?

While a completed renovation can be very rewarding, the process can often be more expensive and stressful than many people expect. So, it’s important to understand what’s involved before you decide to renovate your home.

Whether you’re planning to renovate for more space, improved functionality, value-add or in preparation for sale, we can help to make the process smooth from planning to painting. 

A very good place to start

home renovation

At the very beginning...

Ask yourself a few simple questions which could help you decide whether renovating is the way to go for you, and if so, what sort and scale of project you’ll be undertaking. 

What is your goal?

Understand what you want your renovation to achieve – before you start.

This will help you plan and keep you focused during the difficult times and keep the renovation project on budget and on track.

To determine your goals, understand your current needs and lifestyle and think about what you may need in the future.


What do you have to work with?

Avoid unexpected surprises that can blow out costs and project timelines and get a complete picture of the house you’ll be renovating. The time you invest in preparation and planning at the start will pay off in the end.

Don’t just look at the layout, but also inspect the wiring, plumbing and structural elements like foundations, walls and roof.

Consult professionals such as building inspectors, builders, engineers, electricians and plumbers to give you a better understanding of the property and advice on more complex renovation ideas.

What is the right amount to spend?

Don’t end up with the ‘best house on the worst street’. Be careful not to overcapitalise and spend more than the property will be worth, particularly if you plan on selling in the near future. It’s important to be realistic about the value of your renovated home.

Understanding the property prices of your local area will help you weigh up whether your renovation plans are too costly.

It’s also important to keep a close eye on costs during the renovation process to avoid blowing your budget.

What are other buyers looking for?

What features can you add to appeal to what the type of buyer in your local area is looking for; a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, a new entertainment area?

Get advice from real estate agents and look at the style of the other houses in the neighbourhood as a guide.

Over-personalising your renovation can also make selling it more difficult. Not everybody has the same needs or tastes as you, so it’s important to bear this in mind when planning how the renovation will look.

What can I cope with?

Renovating can be quite a stressful and disruptive process.

Taking the time now to think about the effect of renovating, and planning how you will deal with certain situations, should they arise, can reduce stress during the renovation.

Consider the impact on your lifestyle, whether you’ll need to move out while the renovation is in progress, what happens if there are delays and how your family may be affected. 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


  • Calculate the current value of your house – consider an independent valuation.
  • Look into what renovations are possible to your house – speak with professionals; building inspectors, builders, engineers, electricians and plumbers.
  • Research the needs of the local market – speak with real estate agents.
  • Enquire about the local council requirements and find out how long approvals take and whether you need a permit.
  • Enquire about any strata restrictions for renovations.
  • Understand your financial situation – set a renovation budget (and stick to it).


  • Consider what your renovation goals are and what potential buyers are looking for.
  • Apply this to the whole design including the overall plan, building materials and décor.
  • Consider whether the renovations complement your existing property.
  • Consider using energy efficient materials that can save you power and are environmentally friendly – these can save you money in the long run and increase the green credibility of your property when selling.
  • Depending on your plans, you may want to consider hiring an architect, designer or draftsperson.
house renovation


  • Research builders and tradespeople and get multiple written, itemised quotes to help you compare and find one you are comfortable with.
  • If you are not using a builder, consider hiring a project manager to oversee the tradespeople.
  • Ask people you know who have recently renovated for their recommendations – price is not always everything.
  • Make sure that the people you’re hiring for the job are registered, licensed and insured before you agree to any work.
  • Get the appropriate building permits well ahead of time to avoid delays.
  • Document all of your requirements in writing and get the necessary contracts drawn up and signed before starting any work.

Finance your renovation

Our Home Loan Advisers can help you
choose from a variety of renovation
finance options available, depending
on the size of your renovation,
how you plan to carry it out,
and what type of loan you may
already have on the property.



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