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Visa Debit Card

The People's Choice Credit Union Visa Debit Card gives you the convenience of a Visa card while accessing your own money

With a People's Choice Visa Debit card purchases and cash withdrawals are directly deducted from your transaction account, so there are no interest charges unless you're using our overdraft option.

With world wide Visa acceptance, this card is a great alternative for your every day purchases, online shopping, travelling overseas, paying bills and more.

Our Visa Debit card has the latest in security measures such as microchips, payWave, a free fraud protection service and Verified by Visa for online purchases. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on these great security measures.

Now you can tap and pay using just your mobile phone with Apple PaySamsung Pay and Google PayTM. Find out more about Contactless Payments today^.

Exclusive to Visa cardholders is the new digital wallet service, Visa Checkout; a secure and flexible way to conveniently pay online. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Visa Checkout and how you can sign up.

Additionally, Visa cardholders get access to a range of exclusive entertainment offers, including pre-sale tickets for some of the biggest concerts and live events1. Sign up at

You’ll need to be a member with us and have a People’s Choice Account to be eligible for a Visa Debit Card. Click here to apply for a membership to open an account. 


You can open your new Account and Visa Debit online, over the phone by calling 13 11 82 or by visiting your nearest branch.

There is no monthly Debit card fee however, there may be a monthly fee depending on the Transaction Account you choose.

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  • How does Visa Secure work?

    As you make a purchase online, Visa Secure assesses the risk of the transaction based on a number of factors. In some instances, you may be asked to confirm some personal details (name on card, member number and date of birth) so People’s Choice Credit Union can be sure the card isn't be used without your permission.

  • What is the Visa Secure service?

    Visa Secure is a service designed to ensure you are protected while shopping online with your Visa card.

  • Will I require a username and password for the Visa Secure service?

    Protection the Visa Secure way is simple because you don’t have to remember usernames and passwords – you will be automatically registered and protected. If your Visa card is new, People’s Choice Credit Union will register the card before we issue it to you. With existing Visa cards, People’s Chioce will take care of registering it as part of the Visa Secure service.

  • Will I need to apply for a new card to use Visa Secure?

    No. We will register your card for Visa Secure on your behalf, so you'll automatically be protected.

  • Can I request that all transactions I make online go through the Visa Secure service

    No. Only Merchants and retailers that have signed up to the Visa Secure service will have this security facility on online transactions. The list of retailers becoming Visa Secure merchants is expanding everyday.

  • How does Visa Secure work?

    Visa Secure protects you by automatically risk assessing a purchase you make at a participating merchant. It determines if more identification is required before the transaction is made. If more identification is required, you may be sent a one-time password (OTP) to the mobile number you have registered with People’s Choice. You’ll need to enter the OTP on the merchant’s payment page to authenticate your purchase.

  • Does my mobile phone number need to be registered with People's Choice?

    Yes, Visa Secure requires you to have your mobile phone registered with People’s Choice in order to receive a one-time password (OTP) to verify your identity. If your mobile number isn’t registered with People’s Choice and you’re prompted to receive a one-time password, then you’ll need to contact us on 13 11 82 in order to reprocess the transaction in question.

    Recent changes to how online Visa card purchases are verified, click here for more information.

  • What is Visa Secure?

    Visa Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa) protects you, as a People’s Choice member, with an extra layer of security when making online purchases with participating Visa Secure merchants. It does this by automatically risk assessing your purchase to determine if more authentication is required before the transaction is made.

  • Do I need to register my cards?

    No. All our Visa cards, both debit and credit, are automatically registered with Visa Secure. 

  • If I update my mobile phone number will it register with Visa Secure immediately?

    No. It could take up to 24hrs for your mobile phone number to be registered with Visa Secure. If you need assistance to make a purchase during this time please contact us on 13 11 82.

  • How do I register for Visa Checkout?

    People's Choice Credit Union members can register for Visa Checkout by logging in to Internet Banking, clicking on the 'Apply' tab, navigating to 'Visa Checkout' and following the instructions.

    For more information about Visa Checkout and customer support enquiries please visit the Visa Checkout website.

  • What is Visa Checkout?

    Visa Checkout is a streamlined, secure and flexible way to conveniently shop at your computer or on the go.

    • Streamlined – save time and effort. No need to re-enter your card number or shipping perferences again
    • Secure – pay with confidence. Visa Checkout combines secure technology and valuable features with reliable customer service
    • Flexible – Visa Checkout lets you use any major credit or debit card through a single service

    For more information about Visa Checkout and customer support enquiries please visit the Visa Checkout website.

  • What happens if I don’t receive my one-time password (OTP)?

    If you don’t receive your OTP it’s likely that the mobile phone number you have registered with People’s Choice is different to the mobile phone number you are currently using. To change your mobile phone number please call us on 13 11 82.

  • What is Verified by Visa?

    Verified by Visa has recently been renamed to Visa Secure. Visa Secure is a service that automatically sends a One Time Password to your mobile phone, to authenticate the purchaser and protect your card against unauthorised use.

  • How do I change my PIN?

    You can update your PIN through our Mobile Banking App  or online using Internet Banking.

    Alternatively, you can change your PIN at any People's Choice ATM.

    We are also here to assist with PIN changes through our National Contact Centre at 13 11 82. To complete this process you might be asked a series of identification questions.

  • Can I still use my People's Choice Credit Union Visa card at merchants that do not have contactless terminals?

    Yes. The card can still be used the traditional way at non contactless terminals as it still has a chip and magnetic stripe, by either swiping or inserting the card and entering a PIN or signing you can complete the transaction. You can still choose to use your PIN or sign for transactions less than $100 if you prefer not to use the payWave functionality if the merchant facility still allows transactions to be made in this way.

  • Why isn't a signature or PIN required?

    Visa has allowed Visa payWave retailers and merchants to ability to waive the need for collecting a signature or PIN for purchases under $100 to ensure that using Visa payWave is as simple and convenient as using cash and to keep transaction processing quick and efficient. Purchases over $100 will still require a PIN or signature to complete a transaction.

  • What is PINwise?

    PINwise was a nationwide initiative of the Australian payments card industry to encourage the use of PIN instead of signature for point-of-sale transactions. From 1 August 2014 all financial institutions in Australia became PINwise. This means that a PIN will be required at all point-of-sale terminals in Australia for purchases of goods and services $100 and above, as well as cash-out transactions using your Visa Debit or Credit card. Providing a signature for purchases will no longer be accepted.

    Using your PIN for credit and debit card purchases at point-of-sale terminals is safer and faster than signing. The risk of someone guessing your PIN is extremely small compared to someone forging your signature as there is only a one in ten thousand chance of someone correctly guessing your PIN.

    Enter your PIN when you make a purchase in person or use the convenient payWave payment option where available.

  • Are there any fees for using payWave?

    There are no fees for setting up or using the payWave feature on your card. However standard fees and charges may apply to our cards or card related transactions. For more information, please refer to our Fees and Charges document.

  • What do you need to be able to use Visa payWave?

    All you need is a Visa card with the payWave feature. People's Choice Credit Union offers members a credit or debit Visa card with the payWave feature. To find out if your card has contactless technology, it will have the payWave logo on the front.
    If you do not currently have a card with contactless technology, when your current card expires or is re-issued if reported as lost or stolen, the replacement card you receive will have contactless technology. 

  • What are the benefits of using Visa payWave?
    • It's like having exact change wherever you go, so you don't have to worry about carrying a lot of cash or looking for change.
    • Contactless payments are a form of innovative payment technology that makes small payments as easy as tapping your card.
    • Your Visa payWave card never leaves your hand at the checkout and eliminates the risk of card skimming as there is no need to enter the card into a card reading device.
    • You can keep track of all transactions made using your Visa payWave card by checking your statement or Internet Banking transaction record, instead of keeping piles of receipts for your small purchases made with cash.
    • It’s a fast and convenient payment method, especially at places where speed is essential, like at supermarkets, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and more.
  • What is Visa payWave?

    Visa payWave is a globally accepted, contactless payment solution. It allows Visa cardholders to complete transactions under $100 without having to swipe or insert the card. You simply wave the Visa card in front of the contactless terminal and go. No need to enter a PIN or sign for the transaction. It’s that simple. 

  • How do I know only one Visa payWave transaction has been processed when I wave my Visa payWave card?

    All Visa payWave readers are tested and certified to make sure a card is only read once per transaction. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

  • Are Visa payWave transactions safe?

    Yes, they are:
    • You are in control - your contactless card never leaves your hands to make a payment
    • No accidental payments - your contactless card must be extremely close to the reader at the checkout to work
    • Customers won't be double-charged for the same transaction even if the card touches the reader more than once.
    • The maximum reach of 4cm means that you can't unknowingly pay for another person's purchase
    • Virtually impossible for any of your Visa card details to be intercepted while in use. Each payWave card reader contains security based on industry-wide standard.

  • When will I be required to enter a PIN?

    A PIN will be required at all point-of-sale terminals in Australia for purchases of goods and services, as well as cash-out transactions unless you are conducting a contactless transaction through payWave (under $100) or a small ticket purchase (under $35) as these transactions do not require a PIN or signature.

  • Who is behind the PINwise initiative? 

    The Industry Security Initiative (ISI) is behind PINwise. ISI comprises representatives of all Australian financial institutions that issue Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club International. The initiative members represent the payments card industry and their role is to ensure that there is a consistent experience for consumers when using their credit, charge or debit card to pay for purchases in Australia, regardless of the institution that issued the card.

  • Why is a PIN safer than signing?

    When using your credit or debit card at the point-of-sale terminal, you enter a PIN when you authorise your transaction instead of signing. Your PIN transaction is encrypted and sent in real time to your card issuer to be authorised. PIN usage can reduce the risk of fraud due to lost or stolen cards because the fraudster would need to have both your card and your PIN. This is why you should not share your PIN with anyone. Only you should know your PIN.

  • How do I choose a secure PIN?

    Like most PINs or codes you may have it’s best to avoid choosing a PIN that contains repeating characters (4444) or digits in a sequential order (1234). It’s also safer to choose a PIN that no one could easily guess or numbers that represent publically researchable information such as DOB, postcode, or similar.

  • How do I get a PIN for my card?

    All new cards are issued with a PIN. The PIN is generally sent in a separate envelope to the card. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can update your PIN through our Mobile Banking App  or online using Internet Banking.

    Alternatively, you can change your PIN at any People's Choice ATM.

    We are also here to assist with PIN changes through our National Contact Centre at 13 11 82

    To complete this process you might be asked a series of identification questions.

  • How does PIN affect those who are blind or partially sighted?

    The vast majority of PIN pads on point-of-sale- terminals have a tactile feature that includes a raised dot on the middle ‘5’ button. This layout will be familiar to most people with vision impairments, and should therefore be easier to use. The primary ‘function’ keys are coloured coded for ease of visibility.

    Many PIN pads are designed to be picked up from their holders, to make it easier and more secure for you to enter your PIN. Merchant staff should always be able to help you through the payment process and answer any queries but you should never disclose your PIN to the staff.

  • Do all credit and debit cards still need to be signed on the reverse?

    Yes. This is still required as the signature on the back of the card will continue to be used for verification in certain situations, such as withdrawing cash at your local branch and travelling abroad to a country where PIN is not available for payment of goods.

  • Can I still use payWave?

    Yes. In Australia, where that facility is enabled you can still ‘tap’ your Visa payWave enabled credit or debit card on a contactless enabled terminal or touchpad to initiate the payment side of the transaction. When payWave is used for any transaction under the value of $100 there is no need for you to enter a PIN. From 1 August 2014, for transactions greater than $100 you will be asked to enter a PIN.

  • In what cases would cardholders not have to use a PIN?

    A PIN is not required for transactions performed over the internet, phone or mail.

    PIN is only applicable when you are physically present at the point-of-sale during the purchase or withdrawing cash from an ATM. There are some circumstances at the physical point-of-sale terminals when a PIN is not required to authorise a transaction, most commonly at contactless terminals for purchases under $100 and low value payments under $35.

    There are no circumstances in which you should ever reveal your PIN when making a purchase via internet, phone or mail. For these purchases you will be asked to provide your card details and the security number on the reverse of the card. It is important to remember that the security code or CVV is notyour PIN nor should you make it your PIN.

  • Will the PIN I use for the purchases be the same as the PIN I use for ATM transactions? 

    Yes. Each debit and credit card has the ability to hold only one PIN number as a form of authorisation. The PIN on your card will be the same for purchases and ATM transactions.


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^Not available on all mobile devices. Ask us or see our website for a list of compatible mobile devices.
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