BSB 805 050

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BSB 805 050

Business Loan Rates

Current as at 11 December 2020

Business Variable and Fixed

Product Name Term Secured by Residential Property up to $1,000,000^ Secured by Commercial Property up to $1,000,000^
Variable Rate > 1 year 3.51% p.a. 5.01% p.a.
Fixed Rate 1 year 2.54% p.a. 3.54% p.a.
Fixed Rate 2 year 2.44% p.a. 3.44% p.a.
Fixed Rate 3 year 2.29% p.a. 3.29% p.a.
Fixed Rate 4 year 2.49% p.a. 3.49% p.a.
Fixed Rate 5 year 3.04% p.a. 4.04% p.a.
Line of Credit > 1 year 4.60% p.a. 6.10% p.a.

Business Vehicle Loans

Product Name Tier Rate
Business Vehicle Loan (New cars)1 $20,000 - $100,000 4.65% p.a.
Business Vehicle Loan $20,000 - $100,000 7.99% p.a.

Business Overdraft

Product Name Rate
Business Overdraft^ 15.45% p.a.

Business Loans applicable for; Sole Trader, Partnership & Company.
^All loans greater than $1,000,000 will be priced upon application.
1 Interest rate current as at 01/01/2019 on the Business Vehicle Loan product and subject to change without notice.  The loan purpose must be to purchase or refinance a car up to 2 years old from year of manufacture (currently from 2018) which must be used as security on the Business Vehicle loan.

Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply and are available on application.

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