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Our BSB is 805 050

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Fast Payments

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  • I have sent a Fast Payment but would like my funds to be returned.

    To request a payment return you will need to contact a People’s Choice branch or call us on 13 11 82; we will then lodge a request with the receiving financial institution.  

  • Why do some payments allow for longer descriptions than others?

    One of the benefits of Fast Payments is that it allows for a more detailed description of your transaction. When sending Fast Payments you will be able to type descriptions of up to 280 characters; if your payment cannot be processed as a Fast Payment you will only be able to have an 18 character description.

  • How much will it cost to use Fast Payments?

    You will not be charged for sending or receiving Fast Payments.

  • Which Financial Institutions will be participating?

    More than 50 financial institutions are planning to go live from launch.

    A list of participating institutions can be found here

  • NPP or Fast Payments?

    People’s Choice Fast Payments are payments sent via the NPP and includes Osko Payments.

  • Why can others see my name when they search for my PayID?

    The name of a person registered to a PayID is displayed to the payer to avoid mistaken payments and cases of fraud. The information cannot be used to withdraw money or create a false identity, and is only provided in accordance with the person’s consent and according to the terms and conditions of the PayID service. People’s Choice and other financial institutions also use additional measures to prevent against fraud. Members can use an email address as their PayID instead of a mobile number and still enjoy the benefits of fast, secure and convenient payments with Fast Payments.

  • How should I enter my account details to receive payments?

    To receive a payment your Account Number must be entered exactly as it appears in Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App. Please ask the sender to not place any zero(s) at the start of the Account Number.  

  • Can I receive Fast Payments using my member number?

    No, you can only receive Fast Payments sent to your Account Number(s). If you think someone may still be sending payments using your Member Number ask them to update your details using the nominated Account Number.

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