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Secure Code

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  • How is People's Choice Secure Code accessed?

    People's Choice Secure Code will be available via:

    • People's Choice Mobile Banking App: Available for Android and iOS devices. The Secure Code will generate within the People's Choice App or via a Secure Code Push Notification to the App
    • Access App:  A Symantec App that can be downloaded to a device (phone, tablet, PC) that is able to generate a Secure Code
  • How many devices can be registered?

    Up to 5 devices can be registered per member; it is a good to have a back up smart device or download an Access App to a PC or laptop that can be used if your main device is not available.

  • How do I use Secure Code on a new device, or an extra device?

    If you replace your device, or want to register an extra device of Secure Code, follow the steps below.

    • Download the People’s Choice Mobile Banking App on the new or extra device and login. This will send a push notification to your existing device.
    • Either Approve the push notification on your existing device, generate a Secure Code from your existing device, or send an SMS to your registered mobile number.
    • Then, enter the details as prompted and click Register. Now you can choose to register as an extra device or replace your existing device.


    If you do not have your existing device to receive the Push Notification or access a Secure Code, please call 13 11 82 for assistance.

  • Do I need the latest People's Choice App version to access People's Choice Secure Code?

    Yes, you will need to update your People's Choice Mobile App to access and use People's Choice Secure Code.  

    If you do not have an iOS or Android device you will be able to download the Symantec Access App that can be downloaded to a device (phone, tablet, PC) that is able to generate a Secure Code.

  • Can People's Choice Secure Code be used when travelling overseas?

    Yes, the People's Choice App and Secure Code can be used on Smart Devices if you have access to data or Wifi. If there is no access to data or Wifi, you can still access the Secure Code function.

  • Is Wifi needed to use People's Choice Secure Code?

    If there is no access to data or Wifi, you can still access the Secure Code function.

    Full access to the People's Choice App and Secure Code can be used on Smart Devices when you have access to data or Wifi.

  • Can I use Secure Code when I’m overseas?

    Yes, a Secure Code can be sent to your Australian mobile phone number while overseas only if you have global roaming activated on your mobile phone.

    If you live outside Australia and do not have an Australian phone number, call +61 2 8299 9101 for assistance.

    If you know you are travelling overseas in the near future without access to an Australian phone number, please contact us on 13 11 82 or visit a branch to talk about what options are available to you.

  • Is registration for Secure Code Verification compulsory?

    No, registration to Secure Code Verification is currently not compulsory and is an ‘opt in’ service.

    However, it is our preferred option as it provides our members with an enhanced level of security.

  • How do I receive a Secure Code?

    You may choose to receive your Secure Code via an SMS text message delivered to your mobile phone or via voice call delivered to your nominated Australian landline telephone. 

  • How do I register?

    You can register for Secure Code Verification through our new Internet Banking, by calling 13 11 82 or visiting your local branch.

    Please refer to our Internet Banking Guide for steps on how to register for Secure Code Verification. 

  • How does Secure Code Verification work?

    Select your preferred delivery method (SMS or a voice call to your Australian landline telephone) and you will receive the Secure Code within seconds. Entering the Secure Code into the ‘Secure Code’ field on your computer or mobile device will validate your sensitive function or transaction. 

    Once you have entered a Secure Code, you will not be prompted again within the same Internet Banking session.

  • Is registration required if I want the Secure Code Verification service?

    Yes, Secure Code Verification is currently an optional service that requires registration. 

  • How long does a Secure Code last?

    Secure Code will be valid for approximately five minutes and will apply only to the transaction for which it was generated. When the Secure Code expires, you may request another Secure Code. 

  • Does Secure Code Verification cost anything?

    No, there is no charge for the Secure Code Verification phone call or SMS.

    Please note, some mobile phone network providers may charge a fee when you are overseas and using global roaming.

  • When is Secure Code Verification required?

    Secure Code Verification is required when an activity in Internet Banking is considered more sensitive you will be prompted to request a Secure Code to complete the function.

    We recommend making it common practice to do your Internet Banking with your mobile phone handy, so that you can generate and enter a Secure Code when required.

  • How do I update my mobile or landline number in Internet Banking?

    To update your details, login to Internet Banking and select Settings > Member Details and follow the prompts.

  • Can I use more than one phone number to receive Secure Codes?

    You can only have one Secure Code sent to one device at a time, however you can have up to three phone numbers loaded into the system at one time to choose from. 

  • Why didn’t I receive my Secure Code?

    If you don’t receive your Secure Code, please check the phone numbers listed in the ‘Phone Numbers’ field when prompted to receive a Secure Code, to ensure your details are current. You can also check your details in Internet Banking under ‘Member Details ‘under the ‘Settings’ menu. If you need to make any changes, call 13 11 82 or visit a branch.

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