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BSB 805 050


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Our BSB is 805 050

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  • What is a PayID and how do I create one?

    PayID is an easy way to make sending and receiving payments simpler. It allows you to link financial accounts to more common information such as your mobile number or email address.

    Your accounts will still have a BSB and Account Number, but you’ll be able to provide your PayID to receive payments without sharing your BSB and Account Number. You can also send money to others using their PayID.

    A PayID can be created within Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App. Simply select ‘Manage PayID’, click ‘Create New PayID’, fill in the required fields and complete the steps. For detailed instructions please view our instructional video here.

  • Who will need my updated payment details?

    Providers using your member number could range from CentrelinkMedicare, insurance providers, payroll, tax refunds, phone bills etc.

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