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  • How do I get a PIN for my card?

    All new cards are issued with a PIN. The PIN is generally sent in a separate envelope to the card. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can update your PIN through our Mobile Banking App  or online using Internet Banking.

    Alternatively, you can change your PIN at any People's Choice ATM.

    We are also here to assist with PIN changes through our National Contact Centre at 13 11 82

    To complete this process you might be asked a series of identification questions.

  • Can I still use payWave?

    Yes. In Australia, where that facility is enabled you can still ‘tap’ your Visa payWave enabled credit or debit card on a contactless enabled terminal or touchpad to initiate the payment side of the transaction. When payWave is used for any transaction under the value of $100 there is no need for you to enter a PIN. From 1 August 2014, for transactions greater than $100 you will be asked to enter a PIN.

  • When will I be required to enter a PIN?

    A PIN will be required at all point-of-sale terminals in Australia for purchases of goods and services, as well as cash-out transactions unless you are conducting a contactless transaction through payWave (under $100) or a small ticket purchase (under $35) as these transactions do not require a PIN or signature.

  • What is PINwise?

    PINwise was a nationwide initiative of the Australian payments card industry to encourage the use of PIN instead of signature for point-of-sale transactions. From 1 August 2014 all financial institutions in Australia became PINwise. This means that a PIN will be required at all point-of-sale terminals in Australia for purchases of goods and services $100 and above, as well as cash-out transactions using your Visa Debit or Credit card. Providing a signature for purchases will no longer be accepted.

    Using your PIN for credit and debit card purchases at point-of-sale terminals is safer and faster than signing. The risk of someone guessing your PIN is extremely small compared to someone forging your signature as there is only a one in ten thousand chance of someone correctly guessing your PIN.

    Enter your PIN when you make a purchase in person or use the convenient payWave payment option where available.

  • In what cases would cardholders not have to use a PIN?

    A PIN is not required for transactions performed over the internet, phone or mail.

    PIN is only applicable when you are physically present at the point-of-sale during the purchase or withdrawing cash from an ATM. There are some circumstances at the physical point-of-sale terminals when a PIN is not required to authorise a transaction, most commonly at contactless terminals for purchases under $100 and low value payments under $35.

    There are no circumstances in which you should ever reveal your PIN when making a purchase via internet, phone or mail. For these purchases you will be asked to provide your card details and the security number on the reverse of the card. It is important to remember that the security code or CVV is notyour PIN nor should you make it your PIN.

  • Will the PIN I use for the purchases be the same as the PIN I use for ATM transactions? 

    Yes. Each debit and credit card has the ability to hold only one PIN number as a form of authorisation. The PIN on your card will be the same for purchases and ATM transactions.

  • Do all credit and debit cards still need to be signed on the reverse?

    Yes. This is still required as the signature on the back of the card will continue to be used for verification in certain situations, such as withdrawing cash at your local branch and travelling abroad to a country where PIN is not available for payment of goods.

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