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BSB 805 050


Find answers to some of the most common questions from our members 

Our BSB is 805 050

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  • How do I find the link to my personal fundraising page?

    Every host who registers to raise funds online is given a unique website address (URL) for their event.

    Please check your registration confirmation email for your personal URL or log into your account and select 'My fundraising' where you will see your 'Personal Page URL'

  • I'd like to fundraise online - how do I set up my personal fundraising web page?

    Setting up your personal fundraising page is easy.
    Once you click 'Register' you'll be prompted through each step of the process which includes setting up you fundraising account.

    Your Undies Run for Bowel Cancer page can be personalised with your own photos and messages. You can link it to your Facebook and Twitter account, send emails to your friends, even bank your cash donations there.

  • What do I do with the money I raise?

    There are various ways you can deposit the money you raise:

    Online: This is the best way for Cancer Council to receive donations. It saves time and valuable resources. If you've received cash donations, you can pay the amount using your own credit card and then reimburse yourself with the cash. You'll still be able to generate receipts for all donors - just make sure you enter all of their details.

    To bank funds online, login to your fundraising page and click on 'My Fundraising'. Then select 'Manage cash' from the left hand menu and select from:

    • A donation from a friend or family member (will be receipted)
    • Donation from an event or cash lump sum (no receipt will be issued)
  • My company wants to contribute, how can they do this?

    Many companies like to support their employees’ fundraising efforts by matching the funds they raise - have a chat to your workplace.
    Alternatively, your work mates can donate individually via your fundraising page.

  • Can I collect donations offline and pay using my credit card via my fundraising page?

    Yes. If some people pay you in cash, you can keep that money and either bank it at the end of your event or pay us using your credit card.

    In order to give them tax receipts, be sure you enter their name and email address or send in a donation slip with your paperwork.

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