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BSB 805 050


Find answers to some of the most common questions from our members 

Our BSB is 805 050

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  • Why can I enter a long description for some payments and not others?

    The description field for Fast Payments is 280 characters. When 280 characters are available this means that you will be making a Fast Payment.

    When making a Fast Payment, the Osko logo will be displayed on the Payment Confirmation screen within Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking App and you will be able to enter a payment description of up to 280 characters.

    If your payment cannot be processed as a Fast Payment you will only be able to use 18 characters and your payment will be delivered in 48-72 business hours.

  • Will my existing Payee details remain after the App upgrade?

    Yes, all of your existing Payees will automatically transfer across once you have downloaded the latest version of the People’s Choice Mobile Banking App.

  • How can I update to the latest Mobile Banking App?

    You can update to the latest Android App from the Google Play Store and the iOS (Apple) App from the App Store on your smartphone. Simply open your App Store, find the People’s Choice Credit Union Mobile Banking App, and select ‘Update’.

    Note: The App is supported on the following:

    - Android version 5.0 software and above

    - iOS version 9.3 software and above

  • How can I download the People’s Choice Mobile Banking App?

    The People’s Choice iPhone and Android Apps are only available to members. If you are registered for Internet Banking you will automatically be registered for Mobile Banking. The Android App is available from the Google Play Store and the iOS (Apple) App from the App Store. On your smartphone, simply search for People’s Choice Credit Union.

    You can also download the App from our by clicking here.

  • When will the updated App be released?

    The updated People’s Choice Mobile Banking App will be available in the Google Play Store and App Store from Monday, 12 February 2018. 

  • Why do I need to accept Terms and Conditions again?

    Terms and Conditions are a legal requirement to ensure that our members are informed of the terms of use and legal obligations when using the App. By reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions you are accepting that you are informed and willing to use the App based on those terms and conditions. 

  • Why are you updating your App?

    As more of our members move to digital banking, it’s important that we deliver an App with continual improvements, enhanced functionality and one that is user friendly. With our Apps you can bank on the go - anywhere, anytime.

  • What devices are supported?

    The People’s Choice Mobile Banking App is supported on the following devices:

    • Android version 5.0 software and above
    • iOS version 9.0 software and above

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