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BSB 805 050


Find answers to some of the most common questions from our members 

Our BSB is 805 050

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  • What is People's Choice Secure Code?

    People's Choice Secure Code is the key to unlocking your digital banking now and into the future. It's an extra layer of verification that goes beyond the basic username and passwords to give you secure access to your banking.

    People's Choice Secure Code is replacing SMS Verification and Personal Icons to bring you enhanced digital security and real time fraud detection. Making digital banking easier and more secure for you, to transact anytime and anywhere....even when you travel.

  • How is People's Choice Secure Code accessed?

    People's Choice Secure Code will be available via:

    • People's Choice Mobile Banking App: Available for Android and iOS devices. The Secure Code will generate within the People's Choice App or via a Secure Code Push Notification to the App
    • Access App:  A Symantec App that can be downloaded to a device (phone, tablet, PC) that is able to generate a Secure Code
  • Why are we changing to People's Choice Secure Code?

    People's Choice is committed to improving online security for our members' and we understand that with the development of technology, comes the need to enhance online security.

    People's Choice Secure Code is a more secure solution, and is available to all members, including those who do not have an Australian mobile or landline, offering sophisticated real-time, at login fraud detection and a superior user experience. 

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