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Find answers to some of the most common questions from our members 

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  • What are eStatements? 

    eStatements, or 'electronic statements', are simply your monthly or 6 monthly statements in a format that is viewed online via Internet Banking, rather than on paper via the mail. eStatements have the same look and information as paper statements, but without the environmental waste.

    Once your eStatements are ready to view (and you've opted in to receive eStatements via this link in Internet Banking) you will receive an SMS or email notification.

  • How do I view my eStatement? 

    To view your eStatement, log in to Internet Banking and select 'View eStatements' from the 'Accounts' tab.

    To search for a particular eStatement you can enter the statement type, start and end date, or statement number.

    To open a statement for viewing, click on "View" under the 'Actions' column. Clicking on 'Messages' will enable you to view any important messages that may accompany your statement.

  • Are there any security issues I need to be aware of? 

    Continue to keep your Internet Banking password safe and secure. This is as important as ever. You also need to ensure that you close the window that opens to display your PDF statement to protect your statement information.

    For more information on security visit the security section of our website.

  • Can I access someone else's account statements?

    No, unless you have a joint account with that person.

  • I have noticed a 'Messages' option next to my statement from time to time - what does it mean?

    Updates and important information will appear as 'Messages' alongside your eStatement. Be sure to check these along with your eStatement.

  • How much will it cost me? 

    Nothing. It is not only free to receive eStatements, but you'll be helping the environment.

  • How often will I receive my People's Choice Credit Union statement? 

    The frequency of your statement will remain unchanged.

    An email notification will be sent to your nominated email address within the first week of every calendar month (if you receive monthly statements) or the first week of July and January (if you receive six monthly statements).

  • How do I know when my new eStatement is available to view? 

    You will receive an email to your nominated email address, advising that you have a new eStatement ready for viewing. You can then log on to Internet Banking to view your eStatement.

  • How do I unsubscribe from eStatements? 

    To unsubscribe, log in to Internet Banking and from the 'Accounts tab', select 'Manage eStatements' from the left hand navigation. Select 'Unsubscribe' from the drop down menu. Then click 'Submit'.

    Please note that depending on the time of the month you subscribe or unsubscribe, changes may not take effect until the following month's statement.

  • Can I receive both eStatements and paper statements?

    No. If you elect to receive eStatements, you will receive all your statements electronically. You can revert to paper statements should you no longer wish to receive eStatements.

  • Can I receive eStatements for only some of my accounts?

    You cannot receive eStatements for some accounts and paper statements for others. You will need to select which way you would like to receive all of your accounts. You can revert to paper statements should you no longer wish to receive eStatements.

  • How do I update my email details?

    To update your email address, or have your eStatements sent to a different email address, log in to Internet Banking. Select 'Manage eStatements' from the left hand navigation in the 'Accounts' tab.

    Select 'Update my details' from the drop down menu. Enter your correct home or work email address. From the drop down menu, select which email address you prefer to have your eStatements sent to.

    Click 'Submit'.

  • Do I need to be a registered user of Internet Banking?

    Yes. eStatements are viewed through Internet Banking, so you will need to be registered in order to have access to your eStatements.

    You can register for Internet Banking online, by calling 13 11 82, or visiting your nearest branch.

  • What information is contained in my email notification? 

    No personal information or links are contained within the email. Your eStatements and account information will remain within Internet Banking.

  • How do I register for eStatements? 

    New Internet Banking

    Log in to Internet Banking, select 'Settings' in the top menu bar then select ‘Switch to eStatements' and follow the prompts.

    Old Internet Banking

    Log in to Internet Banking and select 'Manage eStatements' from the 'Accounts' tab.

    From there:

    1. Select 'subscribe' from the drop down menu.

    2. Enter your home or work email address and elect to which address you would like your eStatement notification to be sent.

    3. After reading the terms and conditions listed, tick the box to accept and select 'Submit'.

    You will then receive an email notification when you have a new statement ready for viewing.

  • What if I don't receive an email notification?

    There could be a few reasons why you have not received your email notification:

    • The email address we have on file may be old or incorrect. You can update your email details in Internet Banking, or
    • Your email mailbox may be full causing the email to bounce back, or
    • Your notification is being filtered to your junk email folder

    If you are concerned about your email notifications, please contact us on 13 11 82.

    Please note your email notification is a way of us reminding you that your eStatement is available to be viewed in Internet Banking. Non receipt of this notification does not mean your eStatements are not available to be viewed in Internet Banking, they will be generated as normal.

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