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Find answers to some of the most common questions from our members 

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  • How can I request to reduce my credit limit or terminate my credit card or overdraft contract?

    You can use this website to request a reduction in your credit limit to an amount that equals or exceeds the minimum credit limit for your credit card or overdraft or to request to terminate your credit card or overdraft contract.  To do this, please click here to lodge a SecureMail request via Internet Banking. Alternatively, enter the information and follow the instructions on the web form request via this website by clicking here, visit your local branch or contact us on 13 11 82.

  • What is Visa payWave?

    Visa payWave is a new, globally accepted, contactless payment solution. It allows Visa cardholders to complete transactions under $100 without having to swipe or insert the card. You simply wave the Visa card in front of the contactless terminal and go. No need to enter a PIN or sign for the transaction. It’s that simple.

    The following clip provides a great description of the payWave functionality and its uses.

  • How do I activate my card?

    We offer a few options for you to activate your card.

    1. Activate your card through our Mobile Banking App by selecting 'Card Management' from the menu within the app.


    2. Activate your card online using Internet Banking


    Simply log in to Internet Banking and click on 'Services' in the menu bar. Select 'Activate Card' and enter your new card number and expiry date, then click 'Activate Card'. Done!

    Remember to sign the back of your new card prior to use.

    Alternatively, we are here to assist with card activation through our National Contact Centre on 13 11 82 or by visiting your nearest branch. To complete this process you will be asked to provide appropriate ID, including your Member Access Password (MAP) or a seven point ID process.

  • How do I pay off my credit card so that I am eligible for up to 62 interest free days?

    You have until 5.00pm (CST) on the last calendar day of the month to pay the balance from the previous month in full to receive the benefits of up to 62 interest free days on eligible transactions.

    This can be done during business hours, or on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.

  • Why have I been charged interest on my credit card?

    You may have been charged interest for the following reasons:

    • A cash advance has been made
    • An electronic transfer has been debited from the account
    • An overseas cash withdrawal was done
    • There was a late payment made to the account
    • The full end of the month balance was not paid.

    To reduce interest charges, try paying more than your minimum repayment each month. The more you pay off your balance, the less interest you will be charged. If you pay off your whole balance by the due date, you won't be charged any interest at all on eligible transactions.

    Interest is calculated on the daily balances but not charged until the last calendar day of the month.

  • What are non interest free transactions on a credit card?

    Non interest free withdrawals include:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Any transfer from the account
    • Corporate cheque withdrawals
  • Can I continue to use the magnetic strip on my card?

    For the time being, your new Visa chip card can still be used in traditional swipe EFTPOS terminals with PIN or signature approval. You can also use your Visa card at ATMs. As merchant terminals are upgraded, however, 'dipping the chip' and entering a PIN will become the new, easier, faster and safer way to transact. If you are travelling overseas, we suggest you memorise your PIN as this is now the preferred payment authorisation method for most merchants.

  • Are smart chip Visa cards secure?

    Yes, the smart chip provides a new level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use as the microchip is virtually impossible to copy.

  • How do I use my smart chip Visa card?

    On chip enabled POS terminals, instead of swiping your card, you will soon be asked to insert your card into the chip terminal. Your card remains in the terminal throughout the transaction and you will be requested to confirm your identity by entering your PIN.

    Once your PIN is confirmed and the transaction has been processed, you will be prompted to remove your card from the terminal.

  • I'm going overseas. How can I access my money?

    The most convenient way to access your accounts overseas is to use a Visa card with a PIN at an ATM facility.

    Using a Visa card means you can also visit a local bank and withdraw money over the counter. There will be a fee for this service, and interest will be incurred for Visa Credit Cards. Refer to our Disclosure documents for more details.

    All our Visa Debit Cards and Visa Credit Cards come embedded with a smart chip, making cards virtually impossible to copy and offering a new level of security against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use. If you are travelling overseas and your current card does not have an embedded chip we recommend you contact us to update your card prior to travelling.

    If you are travelling overseas, make sure you're signed up for Internet Banking so you can keep track of your accounts while you're away.

    Alternatively, rediCARD PLUS cards can be used in overseas ATMs that display a PLUS symbol. If your current rediCARD does not currently have the PLUS functionality contact us to update your card prior to travelling.

  • What information does the smart chip contain?

    A chip card is a Visa credit or debit card with an embedded smart chip. It appears as a gold square on the left hand side of the card. Like the magnetic stripe on the back of current credit and debit cards, the embedded microchip securely stores account details - account name, number and account expiry date. But unlike the magnetic strip, the microchip is virtually impossible to copy, which provides an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use.

  • When will I receive a Visa chip card?

    Members will receive a chip card on renewal of their existing Visa credit or debit card, or if they are replacing an existing Visa credit or debit card for any reason. New Visa debit or credit card holders will receive a chip card on order of their first card. Members who are planning on travelling overseas are encouraged to replace their existing card prior to renewal.

  • Do I need more than one card to access all of my accounts?

    In most instances you will only require one card. Your card will provide you access to all of your accounts in our branches or agencies, even those that you are signatory to. In addition, you can link up to three transactional accounts to your card for access at ATMs and [email protected] Our credit cards also allow up to two additional transactional accounts to be linked to access via EFTPOS and ATMs.

    If you require access to more than one account via EFTPOS or ATMs on a Visa Debit or rediCARD PLUS card then an additional card may be required. rediCARD PLUS cards are subject to an annual fee per card.

  • What do I do if there has been a transaction on my account that is not authorised? 

    Call us immediately on 13 11 82contact us via the website, or go to your nearest branch and speak with a consultant.

  • What is a cash advance? 

    A cash advance is an option cardholders can use to withdraw cash against their approved credit limit. Receiving a cash advance can simply be a matter of using a credit card at the nearest ATM.

    Please note that there are no interest free days that apply on cash advances, interest charges are incurred from day one. Fees and charges apply to a cash advance. Refer to our Disclosure documents for more details.

  • How do Visa Debit cards work?

    Purchases and cash withdrawals are directly deducted from your transaction account, so there are no interest charges unless you're using an overdraft option. This means you can monitor your account balance and see exactly how much money you have left to spend. Visa Debit also has the convenience of International access to your accounts and the ability to make purchases made online – still accessing your own funds. All purchases, including payWave transactions, are covered by Visa cardholder protections, policies and chargeback rights.

    The following clip provides a great description of Visa Debit functionality and its uses.

    All our Visa Debit cards have the latest smart chip technology which is virtually impossible to copy, which provides an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use. Our cards are also covered by Verified by Visa (VBV) which adds another level of protection when buying online. People’s Choice also provide a fraud protection service to members free of charge which monitors transactions to detect unusual activity, suspicious transactions and block the card if necessary.

    In addition, all Visa card holders have admittance to Visa Entertainment providing access to concert and theatre ticket presales, film promotions and exclusive offers.

  • What is an outstanding authorisation? 

    An outstanding authorisation is when the estimated value of a purchase (eg. Hotel stay) has been held up for a period of up to an estimated six days to allow the merchant to process the transaction.

    It can also be used as a security measure for transactions such as Hotel stay or Car rental. In this case, after six days the amount drops off the system. Whilst the authorisation is in place your available credit balance is reduced by that amount, but not the balance owing on the card.

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