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BSB 805 050

New Payments Platform

Enjoy the benefits of faster and simplified transactions

Along with all Australian Financial Institutions, we’re moving to the New Payments Platform (NPP) to provide more convenient banking for our members.

What does this mean for me?

Many of our members already utilise the benefits of NPP but moving forward, you will no longer be able to make payments in and out of your account using your member number. This means payroll splits will also be rejected.

What do I need to do?

If you are using your member number for making or receiving payments, you will need to provide your future payment senders your:

  • Account Name (usually your name);
  • BSB (805-050); and
  • Account Number (not Member Number)

Tip: Make sure your Account Number is entered without any zeros in front of the Account Number.

For one off, instant payments, you can use your PayID, which could be as simple as your email address or mobile number.

You can find your bank details through Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App. Not registered for Internet Banking? Simply give us a call at 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch.

What are the benefits of NPP?

  • Faster transactions
  • Highest data security standards
  • Send and receive payments at any time of the day, 7 days a week
  • Simplified payments including option to use your PayID - this could be as simple as your mobile number
  • Detailed payment descriptions, up to 20 characters including emoji's

How do I schedule a payment in place of my payroll split?

Internet Banking

Step 1

Select Transfer/Pay in the toolbar and then select Transfer.

Step 2

Select the account you wish to transfer to and from and complete the Reference and Amount. Then select Schedule Payment. 

Step 3

Select the date of your first payment, the frequency of the payments and the number of payments you wish to make or click ‘Ongoing’ for ongoing payments.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Set Schedule’ button to proceed. Click ‘Confirm’ to verify the payment details or the ‘Edit Payment’ link if you wish to modify the payment details.

 Mobile Banking App

Step 1

Select Transfer on the left toolbar, then select the account you wish to transfer to and from and click the green arrow.

Step 2

Type the amount you wish to transfer and click Schedule Payment.

Step 3

Select Once or Multiple for ongoing payments and then select the payment date, frequency and choose either Ongoing or choose the number of payments.

Step 4

Confirm the payment details by clicking the green arrow. Then complete your description (this is what will show up on your statement).

Step 5

Select Schedule Transfer if all the details are correct or click the pencil button in the top right corner if you wish to modify the payment details.

You can modify your payment details at any time by selecting Scheduled in the Mobile Banking App or by selecting Transfer/Pay in Internet Banking.

How can I view my existing payroll splits?

Step 1

Log in to Internet Banking and select the ‘Services’ tab and ‘Direct Credit’ from the slide-out menu.

Step 2

Your existing Credit/s will be displayed on the Summary page.

Step 3

If you want to modify, delete or add splits, click on the relevant Credit and either modify the existing Split or use the 'Add' and 'Delete' buttons to Add or Remove Splits. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save all changes.


Most popular questions...

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  • When should I set up a scheduled payment?

    Scheduled payments should be set up the day your payment reaches your account. 

  • Where do I find my bank details?

    To find your BSB number, log in to Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App. Your BSB will appear in the top right-hand corner in Internet Banking or the top left-hand corner in the App, after you click the three bars.

    To find your Account Number, select Accounts from the menu. Your accounts will be listed below with the account type followed by Acc with a list of numbers. These numbers are your account number. Please make sure your account number is entered without any zeros at the front.

    Your Account Name is usually your name.

  • What is a PayID?

    PayID is an easy way to make sending and receiving payments simpler. It allows you to link financial accounts to more common information such as your mobile number or email address.

    Your accounts will still have a BSB and Account Number, but you will be able to provide your PayID to receive payments without sharing your BSB and Account Number. You can also send money to others using their PayID.

  • How can I create a PayID?

    A PayID can be created within Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App.
    Simply select ‘Manage PayID’, click ‘Create New PayID’, fill in the required fields and complete the steps. For detailed instructions please view our instructional video here.

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To help find your way around our Digital Banking services, we've created user guides:

Any questions?

We’re here to help make this process easy for you. For more information on how to change your future payments, contact us on 13 11 82 if you need a hand.

Help videos

We have a range of help videos available to show you how to get the best out of your People's Choice Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking.

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Not registered for Internet Banking? Simply give us a call at 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch.

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