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Accessing money overseas using Secure Code

Registering for secure code and what fees and charges to look out for


Access your money overseas with People's Choice Secure Code

Register for Secure Code using our Mobile Banking App

You’ll need to be registered for People’s Choice Secure Code to bank while you’re overseas. The best option? Download the People’s Choice Mobile Banking App and follow the prompts to register. If you’re leaving your smartphone behind you can request a $20 Personal Access Token to take with you. Find out more about People’s Choice Secure Code here.

Download our Mobile Banking App

Know the fees and charges for overseas transactions 

Overseas charges differ from home, so know what fees and charges may apply on the cards you’re planning on using. Find out more in our fees and charges brochure here.

Keep track of your accounts when traveling 

Download the People’s Choice Mobile App so you can monitor your accounts on the go and register for Internet Banking if you’re not already.


Banking customer holding smartphone with Mobile Banking App

Fees and charges hot tips:

Tip #1

Consider the amount you may need and withdraw larger amounts less often to avoid ATM fees.

 Tip #2

Consider using your Visa Credit Card or Visa Debit Card for most purchases to avoid ATM fees and to keep your conversion fees at a minimum.


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