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6 Things the Adelaide Strikers can teach us about savings


It’s time to find your savings form going into the new season!

As major sponsors of the reigning BBL|07 champions, the Adelaide Strikers, we took a look at what we can learn from the team about smashing your 2019 financial goals:


Get the Blue Crew on your side

The Strikers have crowds of over 40,000 fans at Adelaide Oval who get behind every four, six and wicket! You need the same support from those close to you to help you in your savings goals. Having your family and friends’ encouragement, understanding, recommendations and support means you’re not alone in your run chase.

 Adelaide Strikers Blue Crew in crowd cheering

Push for every single

While Big Bash is all about clearing the rope, pushing for an extra single could be the difference between winning and losing.

Having the same mentality for your money will see you rack up multiple centuries across your career. Call for a review on your bills to see if you can score a better deal elsewhere, and set up regular payments into your savings account to build a solid total. Using accounts suited to your needs that reward you with bonus interest and allow you to bank fee-free will help to get you across the line. 


Spend time in the nets 

Bowlers will hit the same line and length with every ball but that doesn’t happen by accident, they’re in the nets training all season to perfect that form.

If you want to smash your savings goals out of the park, it will take the right technique. Create good money habits such as setting yourself mini and major goals, tracking when your direct debits will come out and setting a weekly or fortnightly spending budget. Once you’ve mastered the technique, it’ll become second nature in no time.


Get a specialised coach

The Strikers have a head coach, assistant coach, bowling coach and a batting coach all watching over their players in the nets and on game day. When it comes to your money, you need the same specialised knowledge to build a financial plan!

No matter how early in a run chase, there’s a plan in place – it’s never too early for a financial plan either. People’s Choice financial planners are specialised coaches who will help you identify and plan to achieve your financial goals so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want! They can offer advice for your debut knock, as your team grows or when you’ve called stumps on your career and are moving into retirement.

 Adelaide Strikers batting at Adelaide Oval

Keep an eye on the score

A bowler checking their wickets, economy, and extras gives them their strengths and weaknesses to work on in training.

Checking in on your account’s balance and tracking your spending will not only encourage you to keep saving but it’ll also show you where you may have bowled a few wides. Bowling a wicket-maiden over every spell would be perfect, but don’t let a few loose balls throw you off your game. The Adelaide Strikers’ title winning BBL|07 was full of twists and turns and so is a savings plan but it’s how you bounce back that counts. 


Don’t forget your box

Imagine facing a Billy Stanlake opener at 150km/h – you would want to be protected to bat out the innings!

Like cricket, you want to set yourself up for a solid innings of saving by protecting yourself and your biggest investments. Covering your home, contents and car with insurance means you won’t be dipping too deeply into your own money if the unexpected were to happen. Make sure you’re also padded up if something unexpected were to affect your income. Mortgage Protection Plus could mean your home loan repayments continue through illness, injury and involuntary job loss, not putting your home in jeopardy.


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