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Being a member-owned organisation means our sole purpose is to help members get ahead in life

At People’s Choice Credit Union, we reinvest our profits into creating better products and providing great service and advice, rather than giving returns to shareholders like the banks. We don’t have to consider shareholders so our number one focus is our members.


As a member you own us

As a member you have a share in People's Choice Credit Union and you have a say in how we run our business. You can stand to be a Director, elect office bearers and vote on constitutional changes at our Annual General Meeting.

Unlike listed or privately-owned businesses, our purpose is not to maximise shareholder return in the form of dividends, but rather to maximise the benefits provided to members as a whole.

People's Choice Credit Union's Member Charter explains our commitment to ensuring our members receive the best customer service available. We pride ourselves on being friendly, honest and easy to deal with.



Our constitution provides the framework for how we operate and governs our business decisions.


Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

To ensure we operate in a fair and ethical manner, People's Choice Credit Union supports the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice, developed for credit unions by the Customer Owned Banking Association.

Our focus is to provide high levels of friendly, personalised service and value-for-money products while still generating profit so we are able to give back to our members

The Code contains 10 promises that outline how we will do this.

1. We will be fair and ethical in our dealings with you
2. We will focus on our customers
3. We will give you clear information about our products and services
4. We will be responsible lenders
5. We will deliver high customer service and standards
6. We will deal fairly with any complaints
7. We will recognise our customer's rights as owners
8. We will comply with our legal and industry obligations
9. We will recognise our impact on the wider community
10. We will support and promote this Code of Practice.

The 10 key promises brochure can be found here.

As a subscriber to the Customer Owned Banking Code Of Practice, we are required to adhere to the obligations of the code, along with all financial services laws. Our business practices, products and services are designed to comply with this code.


Becoming a member

Do you want to become a member of People's Choice Credit Union? Well, it’s an easy process. Simply visit one of our branches, call our National Contact Centre on 13 11 82 or visit a [email protected] outlet. 

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