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What is Internet Banking?

Learn about the benefits and convenience of Internet Banking

You’ll notice there’s a new field called Reference. It’s optional, so feel free to use it to add an invoice number or anything that might be useful for you. If you add a Reference, you’ll be able to see it in your transaction history.

What happens if I don’t put anything in the Reference field?

The field will show as ‘NOTPROVIDED’ to the recipient and be blank in your transaction receipt.

What’s the difference between the Reference field and the Description field?

Think of the Reference as something the recipient will see and the Description as something that makes sense to you. A Reference can include up to 35 characters of numbers and letters only. If you use emojis or special characters in the Reference field you’ll receive a ‘Payment Failed’ alert when you try to make the payment, which will say there is ‘Invalid Data’.
Note that the recipient will also see what you’ve entered in the Reference field.

Internet Banking is a convenient and safe way to do your day to day banking online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here you can access and manage your accounts, view uncleared transactions, pay your bills and transfer money plus Internet Banking has several other convenient features that allow you to:


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International Transfers

How our members send money internationally is changing!
We’ve simplified the process and now only ask for the information required by the receiving country so you don’t need to fill out unnecessary fields in the ‘International Transfers’ section inside Internet Banking.

To help make sure your international money payment is accepted by the receiving country, here is what is changing for you:

  • Simply begin with selecting the country you’re wanting to send the money to.
  • Next, the form will display only the fields of information required for that particular country.
  • Go through the required fields and click ‘send’.

By entering the specific information required by each country, rejection rates can be reduced while transferring money internationally becomes more easy for you.

If you prefer the previous version of the International Money Transfers form with all fields, simply click ‘Manual’ in the ‘To Person’ section.

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