BSB 805 050

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BSB 805 050

Glossary of Terms

Means the New Payments Platform owned and operated by or for NPP Australia Limited.

Fast Payments

Means a payment processed through the NPP infrastructure.

Real-time payment

A payment that will be processed and received in minutes.

Osko® and Osko Payment

‘Osko’ is a payment service provided by BPAY Pty Ltd. Osko payments service the Fast Payments made on the NPP infrastructure.

When making a payment via Osko, the Osko logo will be displayed on the Payment Confirmation screen in Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking App.


PayID makes sending and receiving payments easy and convenient as it links your account to more common information such as your mobile number or email address. 

PayID Name

Name, word, or any combination of alphanumeric characters that will represent and identify an Account Holder.

For example an Account Name of Jonathon Smith with a preferred name of John may be provided the following options:

  • John Smith
  • Jonathon Smith
  • J Smith

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