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What is a business partnership?

A business partnership is a business structure where a number of people carry on a business together to share management and profit.
In Australia, business partnerships are governed by the relevant law depending on your state or territory.

What does it mean to have a business partnership

To take out a business account for your partnership, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Setting up your business membership

Are all partners personal members with People's Choice?

Great! If all partners are personal members and have had their IDs verified in a branch, you may be able to open your business membership without having to visit us. Simply follow the next steps.

Not all partners are personal members?

Not a problem! We can simply verify the non-member's ID in one of our branches. 

Step 2. Get a head start with your business account

You can get a head start on your business account by having the application forms and your ABN handy when you get in touch.
Download the application forms on the button below.

Business Partnership Member Application 
Click the button below to download the application form.

Business membership application

ABN (if your business has one)
Please tell us what your ABN is.

If you're unsure where to find it, you can look up your ABN with the Australian Business Register at the following link:

Step 3. How to finalise your business account

To complete your business account, give us a call at 13 11 82.
If you already prepared some of the application forms mentioned above, please have them at hand.

Alternatively, drop in to a branch to open your business membership.
You can find your nearest branch here.

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