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Visa Credit Card

The People's Choice Credit Union Visa Credit card offers you the flexibility of more interest free days than most other cards. You can use it for anything from day to day purchases to paying bills or even withdrawing cash

Up to

62 days interest free*

Application fee


6 Month (2)

Low Intro Rate

  • A low introductory rate of 2.99% p.a. for the first 6 months - available across all balance transfers, cash advances and purchases2
  • Up to 62 days interest free on purchases*
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Quick assessment process
  • No application fees
  • Easy balance transfer process
  • The latest in security measures such as microchips, payWave, a free fraud protection service and Verified by Visa for online purchases
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Supported in Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google PayTM 

Safe and Secure

Our Visa Credit card has the latest in security measures such as microchips, payWave, a free fraud protection service and Verified by Visa for online purchases. See the FAQs tab for more information on these great security measures.

Visa Exclusives

Exclusive to Visa cardholders is the new digital wallet service, Visa Checkout by Visa; a secure and flexible way to conveniently pay online. Visit the FAQs tab to learn more about Visa Checkout by Visa and how you can sign up.

Additionally, Visa cardholders get access to a range of exclusive entertainment offers, including pre-sale tickets for some of the biggest concerts and live events. Sign up at

Important Information

It's important for you to look at our Credit Guide if you're thinking about applying for a card to understand how we can help you.

Produce and print a Key Facts Sheet for this Credit Card, or call 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch to find out more and apply.

  • Annual Visa credit card fee - $59 per account
    • Charged within a month of the account opening and then annually on the anniversary of the account opening month. 
    • This fee is waived if you have an active Home Loan Package, One to One or Financial Planning relationship with us.
  • Fees & Charges Brochure

Visa Credit Cards & Personal Overdraft

Product Name Rate
Classic Visa Credit Card1 15.75% p.a.
Visa Credit Card - Introductory Rate2 2.99% p.a.
Visa Credit Card - Ongoing Rate - either3 12.95% p.a.
or3 15.75% p.a.
Personal Overdraft 15.20% p.a.

Most popular questions...

More questions...

  • Why would I be asked to confirm personal details and is this safe?

    Each time you make an online purchase, Verified by Visa assesses the risk level of the transaction – certain activity may seem out of the ordinary, maybe because it’s a high dollar value, or a retailer you’ve never bought with before. If People’s Choice Credit Union is concerned a transaction may be fraudulent, you will be prompted to confirm your identity, and you will be requested to enter some personal details unique to your account with us. This information is used only to verify your identity, and is not stored by Verified by Visa, nor is it passed to anyone including the online merchant.

  • What is Visa Checkout?

    Visa Checkout is a streamlined, secure and flexible way to conveniently shop at your computer or on the go.

    • Streamlined – save time and effort. No need to re-enter your card number or shipping perferences again
    • Secure – pay with confidence. Visa Checkout combines secure technology and valuable features with reliable customer service
    • Flexible – Visa Checkout lets you use any major credit or debit card through a single service

    For more information about Visa Checkout and customer support enquiries please visit the Visa Checkout website.

  • How do I register for Visa Checkout?

    People's Choice Credit Union members can register for Visa Checkout by logging in to Internet Banking, clicking on the 'Apply' tab, navigating to 'Visa Checkout' and following the instructions.

    For more information about Visa Checkout and customer support enquiries please visit the Visa Checkout website.

  • What is the Visa card fee?

    Visa credit cards carry a $59 annual fee. This fee is waived if you have a home loan, One to One or financial planning relationship with us. 

    Visa debit cards have no annual fee.

  • Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?

    Yes, you can use Verified by Visa from any computer connected to the internet, with a compatible browser, as outlined above.

  • Can I use Verified by Visa if I have a joint account?

    Yes. Both joint owners of the account should have their own card issued, and you should be using the card that is in your name when performing online purchases. When using your card to perform an online transaction through a participating VBV merchant you may be required to enter in personal information that is held by People's Choice Credit Union to complete the transaction.

  • Can I request that all transactions I make online go through the Verified by Visa service? 

    No. Only Merchants and retailers that have signed up to the VBV service will have this security facility on online transactions. The list of retailers becoming VBV merchants is expanding everyday.

  • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost or stolen during business hours, call us on 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch as soon as possible. We can cancel your current card and arrange for a new card to be mailed to you.

    Outside of business hours, call the Visa 24 hour hotline on 1800 648 027. You'll then need to contact us to arrange for a new card to be sent.

    If you're overseas when you lose your card, please contact us on +61 2 8299 9101. If you need to arrange for an emergency Visa card to be issued to you, visit the Visa website to find the contact details for each country.

    There may be a fee for ordering a replacement card. Refer to our Disclosure documents for more details.

  • What is a credit limit?

    A credit limit is the maximum amount that People's Choice Credit Union has approved for you to borrow.

    Credit limits should be carefully monitored to ensure that you do not exceed your designated amount. To ensure that you do not exceed your limit, you may find it helpful to keep a pocket notebook with you to write down your purchases. You can also check balances regularly via Phone Banking or Internet Banking, noting sometimes there may be purchases still to be processed to your account.

    SMS Banking is also available to help you keep in touch with your finances. You can check your accounts whenever and wherever you want simply by using your mobile phone, another way to ensure you don't overspend. Refer to our terms and conditions for more information on SMS Banking.

  • What happens if my credit limit or overdraft limit is too hard to manage? 

    Make sure your credit limit or overdraft limit is set at a level that you can afford to repay. If you feel your current limit is too hard to manage, you can request to have your limit decreased if it is not already at the minimum amount.

    Assess limit increases carefully, if you are offered a credit limit increase, make sure you can afford to pay off your new limit. You must consent to receiving an increase in limit offers in the first instance.

    Depending on the circumstances, a personal loan may sometimes be a better option.

  • Are smart chip Visa cards secure?

    Yes, the smart chip provides a new level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use as the microchip is virtually impossible to copy.

  • When will I receive a Visa chip card?

    Members will receive a chip card on renewal of their existing Visa credit or debit card, or if they are replacing an existing Visa credit or debit card for any reason. New Visa debit or credit card holders will receive a chip card on order of their first card. Members who are planning on travelling overseas are encouraged to replace their existing card prior to renewal.

  • What is a cash advance? 

    A cash advance is an option cardholders can use to withdraw cash against their approved credit limit. Receiving a cash advance can simply be a matter of using a credit card at the nearest ATM.

    Please note that there are no interest free days that apply on cash advances, interest charges are incurred from day one. Fees and charges apply to a cash advance. Refer to our Disclosure documents for more details.

  • What is an overlimit fee?

    An arrears/overlimit fee is charged where you overdraw your account past an approved credit or overdraft limit or, if you have no approved limit, overdraw your account. This fee is charged if you remain overdrawn 20 days or more. To avoid this fee we recommend you monitor your transactions to ensure your account does not become overdrawn and settle any overdrawn balances as soon as possible. Debit interest also applies to overdrawn and overlimit balances. Overlimit fees do not apply to credit card accounts.

  • What is the Verified by by Visa service?

    Verified by Visa is a service designed to ensure you are protected while shopping online with your Visa card.

  • How does Verified by Visa work?

    As you make a purchase online, Verified by Visa assesses the risk of the transaction based on a number of factors. In some instances, you may be asked to confirm some personal details (name on card, member number and date of birth) so People’s Choice Credit Union can be sure the card isn't be used without your permission.

  • Why have I been charged interest on my credit card?

    You may have been charged interest for the following reasons:

    • A cash advance has been made
    • An electronic transfer has been debited from the account
    • An overseas cash withdrawal was done
    • There was a late payment made to the account
    • The full end of the month balance was not paid.

    To reduce interest charges, try paying more than your minimum repayment each month. The more you pay off your balance, the lest interest you will be charged. If you pay off your whole balance by the due date, you won't be charged any interest at all.

    Interest is calculated on the daily balances but not charged until the last calendar day of the month.

  • What are non interest free transactions on a credit card?

    Non interest free withdrawals include:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Any transfer from the account
    • Corporate cheque withdrawals
  • How do I pay off my credit card so that I am eligible for up to 62 interest free days?

    You have until 5.00pm (CST) on the last calendar day of the month to pay the balance from the previous month in full to receive the beneftis of up to 62 interest free days.

    This can be done during business hours, or on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday.


Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we don’t have a branch in this area, so please call us on 13 11 82 to see how we can still help you.

1 This product is no longer on offer for new accounts.
2 2.99% Introductory Rate applies for the first 6 months when the Credit Card is funded from 1 March 2017.  
3 The applicable variable interest rate will be determined by the information you provide and the assessment of your application. The interest rate will be confirmed in your loan contract.
The interest free period applies to purchases only providing that both the closing balance on the statement immediately preceding the purchase is paid in full by the due date and the closing balance of the statement recording the purchase is paid in full by the due date; otherwise interest will apply from the date of the purchase. Our current interest rates are available above.  Cash advances do not qualify for the interest free period and attract interest from the date of the cash advance.
Not available on all mobile devices. Ask us or see our website for a list of compatible mobile devices.

Android, Google Pay and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply and are available on application.

The information above is general advice only and does not take into consideration your personal objectives, financial situation or needs (“your personal circumstances”). Please consider the relevant Disclosure Documents and your personal circumstances before making any decision to purchase the products. Contact us on 13 11 82 with any questions, or visit your nearest branch to talk to a consultant.

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