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BSB 805 050

Past Alerts

Here you'll find a list of past hoax, scam or phishing emails that we have been made aware of. If you receive any of these, please do not click on any links, but please do forward a screenshot to us at [email protected]. Please be reminded that we will never ask for your personal details, or send you a link asking you to login to internet banking through an email.

If you're concerned for your security and would like to check your accounts, either login to Internet Banking, visit your nearest branch, or call us on 13 11 82.

Members have been receiving calls impersonating People’s Choice or other Financial Institutions.

Some common indicators and information asked of members during these scam calls included;

  • Calling to advise that a company (sometimes referenced as Global Travel Agency or a company from America) were trying to take $800 from their account
  • Ask general questions in relation to how they bank, pay bills and how they access internet banking
  • Ask to log into internet banking and/or provide their member numbers
  • Ask for full card details including expiry & CVV numbers
  • Providing People's Choices general phone number 13 11 82 when asked for a number
  • Callers reported to have a strong Asian or Indian accent

Advice if you are receiving scam calls:

  • Never provide banking or personal information
  • Never download software from unsolicited callers to your PC/Devices
  • Never log into internet banking at the request of the caller
  • Hang up on unsolicited callers and independently locate the legitimate organisations phone number and contact them
  • Legitimate organisations will never call you and ask you to provide personal or banking information
  • Refer them to for the latest information on scams and how to protect themselves

If you do receive a call that shows indicators like the above, please call us on 13 11 82 and let us know.

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