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Personal Loan Calculators

Calculate how much your loan repayments will be, how long it will take to pay back the loan and options for making extra repayments.

What will my loan repayments be?

The first page of our personal loan application allows you to calculate your weekly, fortnightly or monthly Personal Loan Repayments.

Simply enter the loan amount, loan purpose, loan term and repayment frequency to see the total cost of your loan.

Repayment Calculator

To make applying for a personal loan easier, proceed through the fine print page and enter your income and current expenses into our Affordability Calculator. This will help to determine your borrowing power and continue your online personal loan application.

What if I pay more on my personal loan?

Calculate the time and interest you can save by making extra repayments.

You can also calculate the time and interest you save when you pay a lump sum to your personal loan.

Extra Repayment Calculator Lump Sum Calculator


How much can I save with a People's Choice personal loan?

Use our Personal Loan Comparison Tool to compare the personal loan rates from People's Choice to the Big 4 Banks and see how much you could save over the life of your loan.

Personal Loan Comparison


How long will it take to pay back my loan?

Calculate how long it will take to pay back your loan by entering your loan amount, interest rate and repayment frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Loan Term Calculator


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these calculators, the results should be used as indication only. They are neither a quote nor a pre-qualification for a loan.

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